The Isuzu Car Club of Australia Inc. is a marque sporting and social club. Founded in 1968 as the Bellett Club of NSW the club is now over 50 years strong and has growing membership from all across Australia and around the world.

The Club caters for an enthusiastic group of owners, drivers, restorers and lovers of classic Isuzu cars, SUVs, Utes, commercial vehicles and trucks. From modern Isuzu MUXs to Bellett, Florian, 117, Piazza, Gemini, 4WD varieties and more, the Club caters for all those interested in all Isuzu vehicles.

The Isuzu Car Club Australia (ICCA) is a member of Motorsport Australia (CAMS) and the Council of Motor Clubs.

If you would like to be part of the Club, seek more information or apply to join then you can contact the Club via the Isuzu Car Club Australia Facebook page. A link to this page is also at the bottom of this section.

Isuzu Car Club Anniversary Car Show Video