NSW Conditional Registration is available through this club

Before considering registration on NSW Conditional Registration Schemes, it is important to have read and understood the rules on the RMS / Services NSW website and have a good idea which scheme you need. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-conditional-vehicle-registration

This club can offer registration on the HVS (Historic Vehicle Scheme) and the CVS (Classic Vehicle Scheme).

Additional useful information can be found at the NSW Council of Motor Clubs website https://www.councilofmotorclubs.org.au/


→ be known to other club members by attendance at club events, preferably with the car to be registered*.

→ have maintained Isuzu Car Club of Aust membership for at least 3 months before an application for NSW Conditional Registration will be considered.

→ provide a pink slip for your first rego with the club if the vehicle is currently registered - if not, you might be asked for a blue slip.

→ provide a blue slips for initial rego under the CVS and there are other requirements too.

→ ask for the Club Guidelines booklet that sets out the details and contains a declaration you must sign and submit with your registration application


→ continue to maintain the vehicle in accordance with the regulations*

→ maintain financial membership of the club (renewal 31 January each year)

→ attend at least one club event each year, preferably with the car

* If the car cannot be made available to club inspectors for any reason, photographs may be accepted if other conditions are met.

The club reserves the right to decline any application or request for annual renewal.

If you don't think you can meet the event attendance obligation, there are plenty of geographically based clubs - one near you! - that will be glad to help you. You can remain a free member of this club and add Isuzu Car Club of Aust as a secondary club on HVS and have a free log book day when you can come to an event.

If you do not routinely use email, all financial members are entitled to ask for club information to be posted so there is always a way to find out when and where events are held.

We are allowed to do this through our affiliation with the NSW Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) that has representation at the regulatory level with Government & Services NSW (RMS).

It is very important - for your own benefit - to read and understand the rules set out by RMS for the operation of a vehicle with an HVS or CVS log book. It's VERY expensive - to you - if you are stopped by Police and can't prove compliance. Some contraventions will be notified to the club and that will result in revocation of membership. Yes, it does happen.